Frequently Asked Questions about Hours, Mileage and Reimbursement

Q: As an RSVP member, may I get volunteer credit for any location where I volunteer?

A: No, you should only report hours and mileage for official RSVP Stations and RSVP sponsored special events. If you’re unsure if your site is an RSVP Station, call us.

  East Metro: 612-704-6116   West Metro: 612-704-6114     East Central: 612-390-5218

Q: May I claim mileage?

A: You may claim mileage to and from your official RSVP Station. This is a partial reimbursement of travel expenses based on available funding. If you drive as part of your volunteer service, e.g., deliver meals, you may claim that mileage as well if the Station does not cover the cost Drivers should record the number of miles. Bus riders should record the bus fare in dollar amounts. If you want mileage reimbursement, you must fill out and sign the mileage reimbursement request form each month. If you volunteer at more than one Station, a separate report form should be used for each volunteer Station. If you do not want reimbursement, do not include mileage or bus fare on any forms you submit to your Station or to RSVP –but please submit your hours.


 Q: Are there limits on the mileage reimbursement I may claim?

A: Yes. Drivers may claim up to 100 miles per month. Bus and Metro Mobility riders may claim up to $35 per month. Married couples who drive together to the volunteer Station should submit only one mileage reimbursement claim for each trip. RSVP does not reimburse for parking.

Q: How do I submit my hours or mileage?

A: On a monthly basis either turn it in on the required forms with your signature to your Station supervisor to submit or mail them or fax them directly to your RSVP office. Please make sure you have a supervisor’s signature if you are claiming mileage and submitting the form yourself. Forms without signatures, yours and the supervisor’s, cannot be processed.

Q: When are the forms due?

A: The forms are due by the 10th of the month following the month of service. For example, June’s forms are due July 10th.

Q: I volunteer at several RSVP Stations. May I put them all on the same form?

A: No, please fill out a separate form for each Station.

Q: May I request mileage reimbursement for more than one Station a month?

A: Yes, but we will reimburse only up to a total of 100 miles (or $35 for bus fare) for each month.

Q: How is the actual amount of mileage reimbursement determined?

A: Each quarter, the amount of money available is divided by the number of miles submitted by all RSVP volunteers to determine the reimbursement rate for that quarter. The mileage rate will not exceed the IRS standard mileage rate for business miles driven.

Q: How are mileage payments made?

 A: Volunteers of America prefers that mileage payments via direct deposit into your checking/savings account. You should have received forms and information in your RSVP welcome packet. If you need information or want to make changes, please contact your RSVP Coordinator.

Q: When are mileage reimbursement received?

A: Direct deposits are made into your checking/saving account approximately 45 days after a quarter’s cut-off date. RSVP’s fiscal quarters are: Jan-Mar; Apr-Jun; Jul-Sept; and Oct-Dec. For example, March’s forms are due April 10th, which is also also the quarter’s cut-off date, and mileage reimbursement for volunteer work in January – March will be received about May 15.

Q: What should I do if I do not get my mileage reimbursement?

A: If it has been more than two months since the quarter ended and you have not received your reimbursement, call your RSVP office at the number listed on page For example, if you have not received your mileage reimbursement for the quarter ending June 30 by the end of August call the RSVP office.

 Q: I just received my mileage reimbursement and I think the amount is wrong or I didn’t request reimbursement.

A: Call your RSVP office at the number listed on page 4 as soon as possible, so we can look into it.

Q: May I get reimbursed for Metro Mobility?

A: Yes, up to $35 a month.