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Be part of a growing movement--of people like you--who use their life experience to energize our community.
Please mail, fax, or scan and email your completed and signed enrollment form.

Membership is free-- and provides you with extra benefits (beyond the joy of sharing your skills).

Member benefits include:

  •  Personalized Assistance - RSVP staff will work with you to identify a volunteer opportunity that will meet your individual needs.
  • Supplemental Insurance - As an RSVP member you will be covered by supplemental insurance when you volunteer.
  • Be Counted as Part of a National Movement - Adults 55 years and older are giving thousands of hours daily to positively impact the communities they live in. Your hours will be counted with those of your peers to demonstrate to policy makers and the community the impact of older adult volunteerism on a local and national level.
  • Volunteer Recognition- RSVP celebrates your accomplishments and honors the work that you do. This takes a variety of forms, including special events, trainings, and opportunities offered to RSVP members.
  • Travel Reimbursement - We can reimburse a portion of your volunteer related out-of-pocket-transportation expense including mileage, bus fare and Metro Mobility fare. This is a partial reimbursement of travel expenses based on available funding.
  • Training - We offer periodic training on topics of interest to the RSVP volunteers.